International psychotherapist and trainer

Individual and group programs for personal and professional development

Would you like to change yourself, your relationships or career, but you don’t know where to begin or how to go about it? My programs are based on profound and concrete methods that work on the sources of challenges, and therefore, the achieved changes are efficient and lasting.

I have been working as a psychotherapist, coach and consultant in the international environment for 15 years. I teach clients how to get in contact with themselves, to explore and develop parts of themselves that have prevented them from living the lives they want. My programs cover personal growth and development, relationships with others and realizing one’s potential. In my work, I incorporate the latest research from psychology, neuroscience and psychotherapy.

Petra Tekavec, Ed.M., M.A. – psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer

15 years of international experiences in the USA, Romania, France and Slovenia

I entered the process of integrative psychotherapy, and it enabled me to begin peeling away my identity, layer by layer, like an onion …I have slowly begun to explore who the hell am I; I have looked into the question of how I want to live my life, and got closer to my deep longings; I unveiled my uniqueness millimetre by millimetre, and stepped onto the path to accepting my vulnerability that I, due to past negative and unprocessed painful experiences, had pushed away in order to cut it off and forget about it.

Yes, the steps taken were mine, but with the guidance and support of a sensible, compassionate, authentic and professional psychotherapist, Petra Tekavec, who has been following my development and all my ascents and descents, and has thus steered me according to my abilities and strengths.

At the most chaotic moments…she is the light at the end of my tunnel. Thank you from my heart! I warmly recommend her to anybody who wants to find contact with themselves, and their life path.

Nina, Slovenia, 29 years

I have noticed the repetition of certain problems in my life. I didn’t understand why or how to resolve them, so I decided to try psychotherapy. I have been working with Petra Tekavec for a year and the changes in myself and my life are already visible. I like that she provides me with explanations about how the brain and the unconscious function,and gives me the tools to transform my unproductive patterns.

I am glad I was not blocked by the opinion that psychotherapy is only for people with psychological issues; I think It is for anyone who wants to accelerate personal growth and live a better quality life. I am planning to continue the work on myself with the online training that Petra Tekavec is preparing, because I can trust her professionalism and the fact that she integrates the latest methods from neuroscience.

Julien, France, 45 years

When I experienced a breakdown, it was probably a consequence of many factors and stressors in my current life situation, and I knew immediately that I needed to take action and do something for myself. Therapy with Petra Tekavec helped me to become more aware of my emotions, I learned how to decrease the intensity of my emotional reactions in stressful situations, and it equipped me with the tools I needed to better manage my stress, anxiety and emotional imbalances.

Although I am still in the process, I am assured of my progress; I now employ techniques that I believe can be an important support for anybody, regardless of one’s challenge. More than that, they are indispensable for stress prevention and a remedy towards a more balanced and carefree life.

Marie, Luxembourg, 38 years

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