Integrative Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a process ranging from 6 months to several years, depending on the client’s expectations and on the nature of the problem.

I help the client get in contact with himself/herself through an empathic and attuned therapeutic relationship; we explore the client’s unconscious field, and thereby the sources of his or her challenges.

Psychotherapy enables people to unveil their own inner dynamics and functioning, what is in the background and yet determines how they feel and behave.

I use a Brainspotting method that has a profound impact on how experiences are processed and altered in the brain; additionally, we stimulate the natural capacity of the brain to heal itself.

Life situations no longer affect and control us ruthlessly. We possess self-knowledge and skills to tackle each obstacle and improve the quality of our lives and relationships.

Process and goals of Integrative Psychotherapy

  • Enhanced capacity for self-reflection: we begin to understand how and why we function the way we do.
  • Changing unproductive beliefs and patterns of functioning—our thinking patterns, emotional triggers and reactions and behavior towards others.
  • Inner-transformation: we build healthy self-esteem, inner strength and acceptance of all parts of the self.
  • Learning and acquiring vital self-management skills: regulation of our thoughts, emotions, body sensations and behavior.

Psychotherapeutic relationship in Integrative Psychotherapy

A psychotherapeutic relationship is based on security, acceptance, respect, understanding and empathy.

Trust builds and deepens with each session. It is the responsibility of the therapist to adapt to the tempo, needs and capacities of the client.

A therapist is not a cold and distant observer but a person who is in touch with his or her own experiences and who responds authentically and honestly to the clients and their stories.

Real contact is established between the two, which is in itself fulfilling and which in reality we all long for and need.





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