My life path took me abroad. I have lived in the USA, Romania and France, and I have had different roles such as HR Expert, Organizational Consultant, Manager, Entrepreneur and Psychotherapist. I believe I have enriched my knowledge and experiences by working with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

I have always been inspired to integrate new approaches and formulate solutions that will accelerate the personal development of my clients. I myself have undergone various life turns, hindrances and losses that pushed me to adapt. I had to rebuild my inner foundations if I didn’t want to give in to crippling helplessness or anxious and depressive states.

Life abroad is filled with challenges, and since you need to build your career and social life from scratch, you can rely solely on yourself. Based on my personal experience, I am convinced that inner strength, self-confidence and managing various mental and emotional states are life skills that we can all acquire and grow. We will thereafter handle life changes and afflictions with more inner strength, confidence and the ability to bounce back quicker.

Life’s unpredictable and arduous shifts force us to continuously adapt and reinvent ourselves. Therefore, it is easier if we know how to actively manage this process. We have only two options when we are faced with a demanding situation or a threat to our well-being: either we decide to confront and manage it, or we surrender as helpless victims.

Increasing the capacities for self-awareness and self-regulation are the pillars of our well-being because they affect all aspects of our lives. Getting on the road of personal growth is the best investment we can make for ourselves.

We are the creators of our lives—our relationships, careers, well-being and stability. No true change in our external life is possible without internal evolution.

I love to work with people, to enter into and explore the internal world of the individual. I try to understand how they see the world, and I try to feel what it is like to be them. I am personable, honest, warm and authentic, which helps to build rapport between me and the client. Sincere contact is essential for the client, and it is a reward for me, which is the reason this work makes me feel happy and fulfilled.


Certified International Integrative Psychotherapist

A relational approach that merges theoretical principles and methods from different psychotherapeutic schools into a coherent concept:

  • Psychoanalytical
  • Relational
  • Cognitive-behavioral
  • Gestalt
  • Transactional analysis
  • Mindfulness and various relaxation and visualization techniques

I also employ a very efficient method of Brainspotting that enables faster access, processing and integration of experiences directly in the brain.

Master of Arts and Master of Education in Psychological Counseling, Columbia University, New York, USA

  • Client Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers: empathic, authentic and nonjudgmental attitude that leads the client into deeper self-exploration and self-acceptance.
  • Theory and practice of Multicultural Counseling: approach that adapts to the person’s background and with what he or she identifies the most—his or her ethnicity, race, culture, or religion.

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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